Business History

Whitey Janssen, the founder and owner of Janssen’s Place Auto Body, has over 47 years of experience in the auto body repair industry. Whitey began his career by attaining a high level of experience and excellence, while meanwhile learning the importance of a steady focus on safety and quality during his nearly 19 years as a body technician. In 1986, Whitey went into management, and shortly there after founded Janssen’s Place.

Born in Germany and imported at age seven, Whitey has lived in the Bay Area most of his life. After attending Terra Nova High School, Whitey spent some time in Indiana where he continued to learn the auto body trade he took up in November 1967.

Happily married, Whitey has recently celebrated his 41st Wedding Anniversary with his wife, Aida. Whitey and Aida are the proud parents of two children, and now have five grandchildren.

When Whitey is not managing the shop, he spends his spare time racing. An avid racer, Whitey has been in the racing business also for 47 years. Starting by racing boats, he has quickly progressed through stock cars, modifieds, and now sprint cars.

Janssen’s Place has stockpiled a wealth of talent over the years. There are six journeymen technicians on the roster, four of which have 15-plus years experience; another two have over seven years experience each.

On April 1st, 2015, Janssen’s Place will celebrate its 23rd anniversary! The current facilities span two large warehouses and 12,400 square feet. Approximately 20 cars per week pass through the shops walls.