• A Shark computerized measuring system effective in detecting major or minor frame damage and perfecting the alignment on a vehicle when replacing structural parts.
  • A Chief Five Post Classic that straightens out any structural components and is indispensable for body pulling.
  • A Steck Universal Mechanical Measurung System which is an adjustable device used for structural realignment.
  • Not one but Five Mig Welders 3 of which weld steel, the other silicone bronze, and lastly Aluminum. It is ideal for spot welding on vehicles and a recommended brand by most manufacturers. The Aluminum welder is certified for all factory aluminum cars domestic and foreign like Ford F-150, BMW, Audi and many more.
  • A Factory certified spot welder.
  • A dent pulling system both for steel and aluminum
  • An aluminum Station providing a clean no steel environment.
  • Two temperature controlled spray booths that reach the recommended temperature ideal for the best paint job.
  • Glasurit Paint system owned by BASF, a leader in paints and chemicals. It is designed to precisely mix our own colors through computerized formulas and scales. This process enables us to see exactly what toners go into the formula in order to create the best paint match.